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Monday, March 21, 2011

Samantha's Show and Carmen

Samantha had her first show this past weekend. It did pretty good for her. There were a lot of no shows on the booths. So instead of getting just one booth, she got 2 booths for the price of one. Overall a good experience. She made some money and came back ready to find another show and do. She loves her new sign, that Sheila from the Craftoholic made for her. The sign went perfect with her colors. She is bursting with ideas for her booth and what to make next.

Samantha has a few left over childrens aprons and crafts she is selling in her etsy store, if are interested, check it out at:

Here she is putting the finishing touches on her booth. Labeling the tarts, they did well for her.
Samantha may try to do the holiday show there also. She is still trying to figure out how many shows she can do and get all the planning done for the wedding in October.

Here you can see Hubby, he drove separately, to come and help her set up. He likes to get everything set up and do the cash register programming. He had to drive home on Friday night, before the show. He didn't want miss being a part of Samantha's first show. He had to dog sit all 3 of the dogs over the weekend, plus run in a race he does.

Here are a few pics of Carmen's items. She had a good show, her items always go over well.
This is a prim bunny make do.

Here is a portion of her booth. I love her black dolls

And of course, Carmen and I. We got to stay at her house and catch up on everything. Thank you Carmen. Samantha loved her cat and her dogs. Samantha and I slept in Carmen's bed and poor Carmen had to sleep on the couch. What are best friends for? Todd took us out to Waffle house after setup and we all had a big breakfast.

I got to meet another blogger and crafter Melissa Howard. She was such a pleasure to chat with.I first saw her at Christmas made in the South, in Savannah last year. She had a great prim booth. She has some great stuff.Check her out at:
I am going to get some sewing done this week. I actually gained a few pounds this past weekend. Go for my bloodtest tomorrow. So hoping I finally going to start getting back to my routine.


  1. It looks like it was a wonderful show and lots of nice prim goodies.


  2. Great to see your post and see your smiling face! Good news about gaining some weight too...YEAH!!! Imagine spending time with Carmen helped you alot, all the laughter and fun. Take Care of yourself! Donna

  3. Your daughter is a cutie! Looks like she had a great show. Lots of good stuff in her booth!

  4. Great photos Sandy! They make me miss doing craft shows! They were always a fun time! Good luck with your bloodwork!

  5. Hi I was thinking of you the other day and hadn't seen a post in awhile. I noticed this post on someone else's blog list and found that I wasn't following you anymore?? Anyway, back to following now. Look like ya'll were having fun. Hope you get good results from the test this week.