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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Pattern

I managed to get another pattern finished today. I really like her, she is only about 10" in size. I made a heart from onsaburg and filled it with sawdust and tied her to it. I have the pattern available on the side bar. I call her Precious Memories Annie.

Samantha also finished her Peter Rabbit pattern, he is a cutie. Just look on her blog for the details: or look on my side bar. I will have the pattern listed here also.

Great news, I am now having my patterns for sale on Pattermart. I have been on the waiting list for a while now and she emailed me on the First of January to my hubby's email account. you guessed it, he forgot to tell me, so she sends another reminder on the 7th, it was only for 7 seven days or she would offer the spot to someone else. He still forgot to tell me. Then finally on the 10th he says, I keep forgetting to tell you, but is this important and showed me the email. I wasn't very happy with him, so I emailed Kelly and she extended the invitation again. Needless to say, he probably will show me the emails that come to me on his again.

I have my doctors appointment tomorrow. My daughter is taking me. I don't feel great right now, just really tired and not quite right. So I am glad she is driving me, it takes about an hour to get there. She is planning on quitting her job and going to school full time and creating more patterns and doing shows for awhile. She wants to get her degree and right now seems a good time, she will time for school and planning her wedding.


  1. She sure is precious Sandy!Glad to hear all worked out with patternmart.Im sure the hubby will be showing you every email now.Take care of yourself and Im glad to hear sam is driving you.Thats a good safe and many blessings michelle

  2. Adorable Annie and bunny! Oh that sounds just like my husband too. What are we gonna do with these men? Haha. I'm glad Samantha is driving you, that's quite a ways. Good for her on spending more time on her patterns and shows, well and of course school too. It will be less stressful in planning the wedding. Wishing you felt better Sandy.