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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Well, Carmen made it down and we have busy baking and cooking. Been catching up. Here is a pic of Carmen when she first go here. She brought her little dog Bristol with her. We are having a late Christmas dinner. My hubby had to work today, Samantha and Chris are not showing until about 7:00. So we have all day to cook and get ready for the big day. We even had a last minute stop at the grocery store, lucky they are open till 3:00. Carmen had to have tea-bags, she was going through tea withdrawal.
Here is a pic of Carmen and me. Don't we look festive in sweatshirts and flannel. Don't know how to dress up anymore. This is it.

Carmen busy making her Cherry delight. She looks so cute with her birdnest's hairdo, as she calls it.

Here is a little of what we made last night, Cloud cookies and pecan muffins.

Buddy, of course, hid on the back of the couch. Wouldn't get down and play with the other dogs. so he had his snack on back of the couch.

Little Harley and Bristol, going to it, running through the house. Carmen's dog is the one in the red collar.

Hurley, busy chewing on her snack, we got to babysit all the dogs, while Samantha and Chris did the rounds with his family on Christmas Eve. Samantha put on his little scarf.

My Christmas present to myself this year, was the throw, pillow and table cover from the Country House catalog. Been looking at these for awhile now. They are the farmhouse collection. I love them. Also, bought myself the braided rugs.

My table cover on my coffee table. I have one of the last things my parents gave me for Christmas, the yule log candle holder. I love it, and it has a special meaning. The reindeer candle holders are a find from Goodwill.

Santa made his rounds last night and left presents under the tree. Can't wait to see what Santa brought us this year.

last night, Carmen insisted we watch the weather report. Had to see where Santa was, don't know why, we look forward to that, brings back memories of when our kids were small. Samantha had to stay up to see where he was, then she would rush to bed, never any problem, getting her to bed that night.
I think I have my daughter talked into going to Joann's tomorrow. Have to see what fabric, we can't live without, and of course, look for markdowns, Carmen has already been printing out coupons from the computer. Hope to find some good markdowns tomorrow.
Well, better get back to cooking, the turkey smell is all over the house. Have our oatmeal raisin tart burning. Will post pictures of Christmas later on.


  1. You both look your warm clothes! I need a flannel shirt! lol Your goodies look yummy and I hope you're having a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! ♥♥♥

  2. Looks like a great time!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. That looks like so much fun and especially sharing special moments with a friend..Kind of quiet here ..didn't even get any cookies baked..I just don't like being this far from family this time of year. Nellie got a new book she has been wanting so she is in the bedroom reading her book...Billy is watching the new T V and I am cutting squares for the quilt I am making for our bed..Hope you have a great Christmas and can't wait to see what all goodies Santa brought :)

  4. Your visit together makes me miss being with my bff. We talk everyday but unfortunately she lives in Canada and it is usually a few years between visits.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  5. Sandy, I wisch you have a nice Christmas time!
    Thanks for the lovely Pattern! I wisch You a Nice and Happy 2011!
    Groet, from the Netherlands

  6. How fun that you and Carmen get to spend time together like that! Even the dogs get to enjoy each other's company, haha! I'm sure it smelled delicious with all the food and goodies baking and that yummy tart burning.

    I love your Christmas present to yourself! Such pretty colors and patterns. You will be able to enjoy that for many years to come.