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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finishing up last minute orders, shopping and Free pattern

Well, I have finished up the last 2 Raggedy Anne's of the year. Got them on the way to their new home. I was so happy to get them done. I don't want to sew for a week or so. Even though, I did get an order for a Santa and Gingerbread Annie. But I said, not till after Christmas. No close to Christmas to try to rush and get them done and not enjoy my holidays. Don't have to do chemo until next Wednesday, got it put off from this week.

I had one order for my Winter Magic snowman, got him also finished. He has already made it to his new home. She loved him. I am planning on do more snowmen next year, as this pattern has been really popular

I am putting another free pattern in the pattern share box. This is an oldie , but has always sold really well. Check it out and download. I hope to put a new free pattern everyday for the rest of the week, so please check by.

Well, my daughter Samantha, and future hubby came over and had dinner with us. Then Samantha and I made up our annual batch of rumballs. Turned out great. She took some to work. She was working on dipping pretzels in the white chocolate and sprinkling with candy sprinkles. Quick and easy. We worked unto after 9:00 on these. Still have some serious baking to do. I got a banana bread made today.

Carmen is on her Thursday to our house for Christmas. She is bringing her little doggie Bristol, some the dogs (Harley and Hurley) will have a playmate for Christmas. Buddy (daddy's little poodle) still won't get friendly and play with the other dogs. He just sits on back of the couch and growls. Got all their little toys bought for Christmas.

Can't wait for Carmen to get, I am planning on a big pork roast the day she arrives. "We are having turkey breast for Christmas, not sure what else yet. My hubby works Christmas day, so we are going to cook a "feast" then Samantha and Chris will be there will hubby gets home for work, then we eat and do presents.

I will post another freebie tomorrow and post what Carmen and I get up to.


  1. Your Winter Magic snowman is the cutest snowman I've ever seen!

  2. Thank you so much for another freebie.My goodies came today and I love them all sooo much!I will haVe to put up some pics next week sometime.The weathered crow smells amazing right now in the warmer.have a great christmas!blessings michelle

  3. Sandy, even though you had an empty nest this sounds like you'll have quite a houseful for Christmas! :) Enjoy your visit with Carmen. Relax and Enjoy!!!

    Thanks for the cute freebie!!!

  4. I am SO hungry for chocolate covered pretzels! Wish you lived closer...I would drop in! lol Have a wonderful week! I hope you feel good all week! I'm keeping you in my prayers! ♥

  5. YUMM! Can't wait to get there!! Sounds delicious!

  6. Thanks so much Sandy for the freebie!! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!! HUGS girl!!


  7. wonderful patterns as always. Take it easy and enjoy Christmas!! Glad to hear you are going to make more snowmen this coming year..did I mention I love snowmen LOL

  8. Received my tree and tarts today THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH (I also put a thank you in someone elses blog OPPS..sorry about that)
    I will show pic and post about them in my next post :)
    You have definately got me in the mood to make some snowmen (not sure how much fun it will be to do next summer but I will try and get a ton done for nrxt year)
    You have got to be the most generous person I have ever met. Isn't it amazing how we have such wonderful blogger friends that we have never even met..I LOVE them all.
    Hope you have a great Christmas and wonderful will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Thanks again for all the wonderful patterns you have given me and for the sweet little tree and tarts. DH is wanting to use some of the tarts and will be using some as soon as he finds his tart burner :)

  9. Thank you Sandy for another great freebie. I'm glad you have the week off from chemo so you can enjoy the holiday.
    Keeping you in my prayers.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas,

  10. Enjoy your time with Carmen and your family!! Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  11. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Your Snowmen are the greatest.
    I can't wait to see your new designs in the future.

  12. Adorable Annies! I can see why that snowman is so popular, it's really cute! Well, I'm finally gonna do it. I am actually going to make something from one of your free patterns. I've never done anything like that so we'll see how it goes. But with all these free patterns, I at least need to try! It'll be another month or so before I'm able to start but I'll definitely let you know how it works out... good or bad. Haha! Thank you Sandy!!