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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ready for Savannah Show this weekend

I don't know where all the time has gone, we are off for the Christmas made in the South show in Savannah , Georgia tomorrow. Hubby has to work tomorrow night, so Samantha and her boyfriend Chris are taking me to set up and help the first two days. I am so not ready for this show. With being sick this year, don't have near enough inventory, to do this show and the show next weekend in Jacksonville. Carmen and my friend Becky both have some things they are sending to the shows to help me out this year.
I managed to get some snowmen done , the Winter's magic snowmen, all sold at the last one day show I did. So I got three more finished and snowman sitter. I have two Snowball Fight snowmen waiting for their mice to get finished. They may have to wait and go to Jacksonville next week.
I am ready for the shows to be over and so I can sit back and relax. This has been a hard year, I am ready to house clean and get ready for Christmas.
Had my doctor's appointment today. She said everything looked good. I go back for another Chemo treatment first week of December, she let me have Thanksgiving weekend off. She said, she was going to skip the shot the day after chemo, this time and see if my blood count stayed up.Hoping it does, because that shot gave me a terrible headache.
Well, time for bed, we leave early tomorrow for set up. I will post pictures when I get back. So if you are in the area, stop by the show at the Convention Center in Savannah. We are going to be visiting the candy shop for show pecan pralines.


  1. I am so in LOVE with those snowmen!! I collect snowman and those are adorable. I am sure your shows will still be great!! Then you will have some tiem to rest and enjoy.

  2. Good luck at your show, Sandy and I do
    hope you feel good! It is a good thing
    you have helpers, you need to get some
    rest and take care of yourself.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  3. Ahh, I really like your prim snowmen Sandy. Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I sure hope you do feel better soon. Good luck with your show:)

  4. Hi Sandy, hope the show is a great success. I hope you get that much needed rest soon.

  5. Good luck at the show I know you will do well. I hope you are getting some rest!!

  6. All the best of luck in your show, Sandy. You deserve some time off, you have been working so hard and through so much! I know that you will do great! :)

  7. Good luck at your show! I wish I could come! It is hard to sit and drool over your wonderful creations and know I can't come to purchase! I will watch for after sales if you have them again!

  8. goodness girl didn't you just get home from a show? LOL those snowmen are adorable! & you look way more ready than I do ~lol everything I've laid my hand to this week has messed up but to late to cry over spilt milk it's time to go set up ~!lol`

  9. *gentle hug* You're in my thoughts and prayers!
    Much success.

  10. Okay girl, I am looking for NEW show pics for Savannah!! Don't see them.. get busy!Can't wait to see what your booth looked liek. I am still trying to find a way to get there for the Jax show, so far no luck..still working on it though!