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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wow, all I can say. It was a great show. The crowds came out and bought. We got up at 4:00 Saturday morning, made the 50 minute trip to MacIntosh. Flashlight shoppers were out by 6:15 and starting to shop. Luckily we had our booth all set up. So the cash register starting going strong by 6:30 that morning, show doesn't officially start until 9:00. We had a steady line, for hours, customers with handfuls of stuff. Looked like the old days.
I didn't even get a chance to walk around until late in the day. The first time I haven't bought anything for myself at this show. The one time I did try to walk around, the crowds were so thick, it was not enjoyable trying to walk. I usually get a chance to walk around before my hubby leaves, he was always brings us down, stays to get the cash register and tents sides take down and let me walk around. But it got so busy early, I just stayed in the booth.
I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked. We didn't finished setting up our booth until after 8:00 on Friday night and it was too dark to take pictures. I wanted a whole booth shot, but too many people on Saturday morning, which was great.

A picture of one the streets with the crowds, there are 4 streets and side streets at this show.

the scarecrows flew off the shelves, samantha's pillows went great, and she sold most of her aprons, she has a few pictures on her blog.

a few more items, the prairie dolls sold very well.

A Little bit of Christmas items here.

Meet Leanne again and managed to get a few shots of her booth, she was about bare by the time I got to her booth. she is so friendly and we had a nice chat. Love her dolls and booth.

Wanted to remind everyone Samantha is having a e-pattern special that ends tonight, on her stitchery e-patterns, she having a $1.00 e-pattern sale, so just shoot her an email at: to order e-patterns or

Also, Carmen has a new pattern out, I just love it is for a mouse in a Candy cane so please check out her blog at
here is a pic of her new pattern.

I hope to finally get my new Santa in the Stocking pattern, written up tonight and posted as a e-pattern. Sorry it has taken so long.

I get my port for my chemo put in Tuesday. So I guess that means I will start having my one day a week every three weeks treatments start the following week. Couldn't be a worse time of year, so much to do. So hoping it all goes smoothly.

take care and thanks so much for all your encouragement and emails.


  1. It looks like a great show, wish we had shows like that, here.
    That candy cane is a fun pattern, will have to go check it out.
    My thoughts will be with you and praying that you do well with the treatments.


  2. Sandy, thanks so much for posting pics of my booth! What a great show this was and I'm so glad to have seen you again! Glad both you and Samantha did so well too! Loved talking to you and my prayers are with you that your treatments go smoothly!
    Lee Anne

  3. wow!! looked like a good turn out. i love that show.wish i could have gone. maybe next year. good luck with the chemo. denise

  4. glad you had a great show, with all that you've been through you need not explain yourself to anybody, I praise God with you for how far he's brought you through all this

  5. Looks like it was a great show! Congrats!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. Congratulations on a wonderful show, your booth looked awesome!!!
    I hope all goes well with your port and treatments. ((((((((Hugs)))))))))))

  7. Thanks so much for the pics! I also had a booth there and didn't get a chance to walk around and see everything! My walking around was takin' my lil one to the potty! This was my first time and will be back, I had a great weekend. Next year I will definitely make a point to leave hubby in charge so I can venture out :0) *~Blessings~*The Olde Willow