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Friday, October 1, 2010

Working on getting ready for my show

I have been busy tagging and dragging everything out of the sheds and trailer, trying to get it all priced and see what needed last minute repairs.  My first show is in three weekends. I haven't felt well mostof the year and so I am so far behind in getting my stash up for the shows.  But I do have more made than I thought I had. Still have a bunch of have finished projects to finish this weekend. I made 50 bottles of room sprays this week, I made the Amish quilt,MacIntosh apple, Monkey Farts and Pumpkin souffle.  I think I am just going to stick with these 4 scents.

I found this little rocking chair at a thrift store and put a tree and some decorations with a an old piece of a quilt for a tree skirt. Added a little mouse to chair. I think it turned out really cute.  The chair only cost me about 25 cents.  So this is one of those really cheap projects. Too bad I only have one chair.

I made 6 more of my #405 St. Nicholas Santa's , the beards turned out too bright in the picture. But I found some really dark red flannel that looks perfect for Santa's.

I had 4 sets of these stockings, and had was rummaging through the shed and found some of these little peg hangers, that I had picked up a few years ago at a Show called Mule days for $1.00 apiece.  Hung the stockings on the board, added some greenery and bell.  I also made a tag to attach. Quick and easy. I love the things that you can whip up quickly.

Well, just wanted to check in and say thank you again for all your prayers and good thoughts.  I still need to get my pet/scan and bone marrow work done.  But that will be later on this month.


  1. You are amazing - and you haven't been feeling good. My goodness, I would love to do half of what you do on a bad day!! :) Take it easy and don't work too hard!

  2. I love your little rocking chair creation! Sometimes the best seller is the OOAK and you wished you had more to sell! Same thing happened with my Halloween trees!!! LOL I made one and had four others contact me to order more! Had to scour the TS last week! Would never have thought it would have been such a hit.
    Good luck at your shows. Will continue to keep you in my prayers. The power of prayer is awesome!!!!
    Seasons of Thy Heart blogspot

  3. I love coming to visit your blog. You have wonderful ideals and I love your stuff. I love the chair with the mouse. Don't over do it and rest too! Your show will be wonderful!

  4. I LOVE that rocking chair and the stockings hung on the little peg board. You always come up with the most amazing ideas, I can never wait to see what you're doing next!

  5. Love the rocker! You always find all the good suff at the thrift stores!Next time we go to a thrift store together, I am going to make you walk at least 50 feet BEHIND me!!!!

  6. Sure hope you get feeling better, I think of you often!!! OMG, I love room sprays, I would love to attend your craft show. If I lived close, I would sure come and help you out, you are such a talented lady, I love all of your goodies and own a few, (but not enough) HE HE
    I love everything you create!!!!