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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pumpkins and new quilt

I made a quite a few pumpkins this weekend, I love this pattern. It is by The Olde Homestead Barn.  These are the flat pumpkins and I painted them in orange, black and off white, then rubbed on some stain. I glued stems and moss to them and they turned out great.  These make up quick and easy.  Luckily it was nice and hot this weekend and didn't take long to dry.

I got my new copy of the Country House last week and saw this red and white quilt and had to have it.
I love it. I love the red, redid the bedroom again. I cleaned and threw at old stuff and made up a box for goodwill.  Next I will be paintin that pink bedroom that my daughter painted before she moved out.

I was able to clean out my trailer today and found out that I don't have as much made as I had hoped. I think that is helping to get motivated. My first show is Oct. 23rd. Don't have my new display ready or enough inventory.  Even hubby was saying, don't you think you need to think about your display.  Tomorrow I go to Home Depot to get board s to make my scarecrows. I think I am going to spend a week or two on making fall stuff then on to Christmas.


  1. Love the quilt..also Love your header picture. I have wall paper (used it in our last house) and it makes the wall look like the old wood planks...can't wait to get this move over with the end of Sept and start redecorating a new home.
    Good luck on your show..I miss doing that too..there is only 1 show a year down here and I liked it a lot more when I could go to a lot of them in the fall :)

  2. I love your flat pumpkins! and your new quilt!!

  3. I just love your blog!!! And I appreciate all the free goodies that you offer!! Your pumpkins are soooo cute!!! And I love your new quilt, beautiful!!!!!

  4. Great pumpkins! Love your red and white quilt, it's beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful quilt!!! Love the flat pumpkins too, very nice;)

  6. The punkin patch is displayed wonderfully. I would use that at your upcoming show....very natural looking. Love the quilt, it looks like it's always been there.


  7. I LOVE those flat pumpkins. They look great in all 3 colors. Your new quilt is awesome.

    I hope you have a busy and productive day to get your inventory up.

  8. Really cool!! If you had that on there when I house sat I probably would have slept in that bed instead of the Bright Pink bedroom! LOL!!!! Looks great,& I love the pumpkins. I am still drowning in wholesale orders! GOT to GET busy on my OWN stuff!! Grrrrrrrrrr! Chat later!

  9. I love the pumpkins and the quilt. When you're tired of the quilt, you can sew it up into Christmas stockings, mittens, or Valentine Hearts!!