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Monday, May 24, 2010

I have been busy this week

Well, been a fairly busy week here, I was able to get some snowmen finished and quite a few Raggedy bodies sewn up.  I am trying to get caught up, the new Country Sampler came out and orders are doing fairly well.  My husband booked the cruise, so we leave on July 10th and get back on July 14th.  We are just going to the Bahamas. We are going with my daughter and her boyfriend, they wanted to go and asked us to go also.  I guess I am looking forward to the food most of all, not the sun.  So trying to not eat much right now so I can add a few pounds when cruise time comes. My friend Becky is going to come and stay at the house.  She will dog sit for me and send e-pattern orders out.  My dogs know her and my cats love her. Her hubby's birthday is day before we leave, so wasn't sure if her husband would mind her coming.  I told him, my birthday present to him this year was give him some quiet time at his home, without Becky being there.  He laughingly said, couldn't you book a month long cruise instead.  So I guess that means he doesn't mind after all.  I think the hardest part of going on the cruise will not be able to get on the internet for 4 days. Hubby said it will costs about 25.00 dollars a hour and not that good of a connection.  So am buying lots of good books and going to find a me a spot under an umbrella let them swim and watch and read.

Here are some pics of what I have working on this week. I was busy making snowmen. Still have a few bodies to finish up.

First off I did my new #447 Snowball Fight, I was able to get 3 of these done. It was perfect outside this week, up in the high 80's and hot.  The snowman were able to bake in the sun.

These guys are from my Wynter Snowman pattern #400. I actually had the heads made last year and just now dug them out of the huge pile of not finished projects. I am still trying to finish what I started last year.

These are from my pattern Winter Friends, I haven't put the little mouse on their hats yet, still have them drying.  I have a whole batch of tags to get stained and out to dry tomorrow. 

I also got a whole bunch of raggedy bodies waiting for their face and clothes to be made. I figured if I started with easy patterns, my pile of finished items would grow faster. I have not been motivated at all this year. I can't believe we are almost in June. My little baby will be 20 on June 15th.  Scary how fast time flies by anymore.

I made these little Raggedies, they are a little brighter than I normally do. I think my taste are changing slightly, I still like the primitve dirty look, but find in my area that cutesy country seems to sell the best. I once overhead a child ask his mom, why everything looked dirty. I guess kids don't understand prim.


  1. Those are so darn cute!
    My son asked me the other day, why everything had to look so old and dirty!..LOL..
    I told him it was because we all used that to hide the mistakes! A while later he informed me that I no longer needed to make things dirty, because he couldn't find any mistakes no more!
    I about fell over laughing!

  2. great job as always, speaking of laughing, when I read the "can't get inspired" oh mercy the way you're spitting out Annies, ornies & pillows oh my! I thought well if she's spitting out all this as quick as she is & that's not motivation then my battery is dead sure nuff LOL LOL

  3. Constantly dazed and amazed at your work! :) I sure know what you mean about the darker work, I absolutely love it myself but have to be careful where I live..they do NOT get it at all. So I have to tone it down. Have you done any more wooden items? I'm watching for patterns :)

  4. Sandy, you're such a hard worker. You deserve some time off. Enjoy your cruise and enjoy the reading and rest!

  5. I love your matter what time of year it is, I still love snowmen!!!! Your patterns are awesome!

  6. Oh you will enjoy your time on the cruise. Is it Carnival? We did do a couple of shore excursions with the ship. The snorkeling trip is a lot of fun and worth the money. I bought our underwater camera at home so I would not have to pay such high prices there. That was in Freeport. will enjoy the straw markets and few little cool drinks on the beach. Be ready to be called a Bahama Mama by the ladies selling necklaces on the beach. They are fun and wonderful. Enjoy ordering your food and the waiter service they provide. Pop is high priced on board ship. The cruise itself is the "loss leader" they make their money on the beverages. Take in a show!!! They are well done. Play BINGO and watch everything!

  7. Lol! That is so funny! My kids STILL ask why I make things look dirty and they have been living their whole lives with it. My 11 yr. old daughter already informed me that she wasn't going to have old, dirty stuff in her house. Kids just haven't learned to appreciate primitive yet!

    I really love your Annie's, but I'm really loving your snowmen just as much! They are SO stinkin' adorable! I love the sweet faces and tall hats on the Wynter Snowman pattern #400. Everything is so cute!

    It's probably a good thing you won't have internet. You need to RELAX and ENJOY your time away! Do you know how to do that?! Lol! I will miss your posts though.

  8. I love your blog. I am just developing a new blog in addition to the one I have. My new one is for Primitives only. I am having a blast.
    Yours will be added for sure. I hope you stop by for a visit and a cuppa.