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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things I have working on, dolls, Santa's, Samantha's new car and Hurley

Well, it was a busy day today.  My best friend Carmen came up for a few hours and we hit a couple of thrift stores.  She managed to find a large wood advertising box for 50 cents. I was able to find a small wood box, santa sled, overalls for scarecrows and wreaths for next to nothing. We were going to hit our favorite Chinese restaurant while she was here and of course it was closed for remodeling, grand opening is Friday.

I made a couple of these raggedy dolls, they are from a pattern from Red Dirt Primitives. They are supposed to have bear with them, but haven't gotten the bears finished yet.

I have 11 of these going, I still have 4 more to finish. I found 11 wood candlestick, painted them black they are the bases for the heads.  These are a Lucy's Lazy Dayz pattern.  I love this pattern, this one always sells really well for me at the shows.

Well, Samantha got her a new car, this one is a 09, looks really nice. She bought if off an auction site thru her work place, Chrysler Beck Chevrolet.  She bought a Ford "Edge" It is a really nice car, now she has payments for 6 years, hope she doesn't regret it, but she got car fever.  This was her very first big purchase since she has moved out.

WE are still watching our "grand dog" during the day. My husband was out playing with her and she caught the frisbee and carried it around like this.  The dog is crazy sometimes.  My hubby loves her though, he still doesn't care for my dad's little poodle that I inherited.


  1. I always love seeing what you come up with. You do the nicest work. So nice to hear you and Carmen had a nice day together despite the Chinese restaurant being closed. I have been craving Chinese food for a week now.... lol

    Take care,

  2. I love the santa make-dos...could you tell me which pattern from lucy's lazy dayz this is...she has a couple on her website and I want to be sure and get the right one...and where do you get the wool for the beards. It looks great, but it must take alot of it to get that look. I appreciate your response. You have a fun sight!!

  3. Sandy, all the dolls and santas came out adorable! And i really love Samantha's new car, i didn't realize how high up they were until that picture. Too bad i have a few years left on car payments on my van or i'd be shopping around now!

  4. Well I am not sure now who really stole my flip flop.. Todd or Hurley! Cute pic!

  5. Those santa's are so stinkin' cute!! I can see why they are best sellers for you!

    Nice car, Samantha! Glad she's the one with the payments and not me. Haha! I'm sure she will enjoy it very much!