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Thursday, March 11, 2010

More dolls, Bealls Outlet, and Hurley

Still not motivated enough to get a lot of stuff done, but did manage to get 8 of these little Raggedies done, these are from an older pattern from Making Spririts Bright.  These always sell really well, they are so easy to make also.  I was able to use up some of my scraps on their dresses.

I like to go to Bealls department stores, every now and then. I can't ever find any clothes I like, but love their household section. I was looking in their picture section and found these chicken ones. I love chickens.  So of course, hard not to buy them.  I also found a pig, that I had to buy. I was too hard to not to take that one also. I think I need to get another room built on or something, I am outgrowing my house.  Got too many things to put out and not enough room. 

We have been keeping my daughters dog for her, when she is working. The little adorable puppy has grown into a bit 60 pound plus dog now. She still thinks she is a lap dog. I was sitting at my computer today, and she started barking and next thing I know she is flying through the air in front of me and landed on my computer table in front of my computer. I guess I was not paying her enough attention.

But here is a picture of her as sweet little baby, she is so little in this picture and well behaved.

Now here she is at over 60 pounds. My daughter is only about 110 pounds and 5' 2" and I wonder how much bigger the dog will get. She has gotten so strong.

We like to call the dog a porno star, because for some reason, she likes to lay on her back with her legs spread wide. Makes for a real great picture, doesn't it?

Well, that is it for today, trying to get some things sewn up, so I can sit in front the TV and watch American Idol. I love Ellen on the show this year. So have to get some things ready to stitch.


  1. Both your daughter and her puppy are gorgeous. Doggies like to lay like that to get their tummies scritched. No porno flix please:) just a scritch.

  2. i love the dollies! is that pattern still available?

  3. I love your dollies...such sweet faces!

  4. Cute annies! Oh goodness...that whole scenario about sewing things up before American Idol....I do the same thing...I like to sit and stuff in front of the TV at nite. And I totally agree with your thoughts about enjoying Ellen on the show this season. She is hilarious...with a bit of the Paula nicities.

  5. I heard that when dogs and cats lay like that means that they are most contented!! I have a cat that likes to lay like that also!


  6. The Making Spirits you know how to get that pattern?

  7. I love your Annies, they're so cute!

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  9. Looks like I am not the only one that stuffs during TV time, I would never sit there otherwise. I love the scarecrow, I'll be watching for him! Just downloaded one of the freebies, thank you so much for it! Have a good Tuesday, Sandy.