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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Doll and Strange phone call

Just wanted to share a new Annie Doll, I call her Valentine Annie.  She is holding a heart made from an old quilt w/ a pocket full of Sweet Annie. I am offering a few of her finished, if you are interested just click on the link on the side bar button.  The pattern will be available soon, hopefully this weekend.
Now, about the strangest phone call  I have ever received, came  today.  On my You are Special line, a lady called and asked what I did, I said I did craft patterns, after having to answer the same question 3 times, she finally said, I thought maybe it was a mental health place.  Then of all things she asked if I could design a woman's vagina and a man's particular body part, I said WHAT. She said she knew it was strange request, I said I don't make items like that, she wanted to know if I knew of anyone who did. I just told her search the interet. I have to say, that is the most ridiculous request I have ever had.  I guess it is one of things, I will remember forever. I know when I first got my business name You are Special, my husband picked it out, then wouldn't answer my business phone. Because when he would say You are Special ,they would say thank you. He was embarrassed to tell women they were special and he is the one that had to have that name for my business. I wanted something with Country in it and he didn't.  Then I had inmates calling that line collect from our local prison, thinking I was some kind of love line. I had to stop putting my ad in the Yellow pages and that finally solved that problem.  At least with The Olde Country Cupboard, I shouldn't have that problem.
Well, just wanted to share this doll with you all and I am working on some more doll patterns and even have some thoughts of Christmas patterns. It is never too early.


  1. Hee hee!!!! Now that is a strange phone call!!!But your Valentine Doll is adorable!!!! hugs carla

  2. Sandy,
    That is so funny. You never know who will call. I love your Valentine Annie..she is so cute.
    Take care and huggs.

  3. That strange caller must be affected by the "Blue Moon". I love your new Valentine doll. I'll look forward to the release of your pattern.

  4. Well, that was a good laugh! I know as a floral designer and working in a shop over the years I've had some pretty strange requests and the messages on the cards-well let's just say I've had my share of embarassing moments. After all it is a crazy world we live in! Love your new Annie too.
    At least it made you laugh and the rest of us too. Thanks for sharing;)

  5. The doll is too cute! Love her face! Wish I could make dolls like that. I have been sewing for years and years and still have trouble with the hair. Maybe I should try your pattern....

    That really was a strange phone call! Can't say that I have ever had that kind of request...I wouldn't know what to say!


  6. Hi Sandy! Wow, it sounds like the "crazies" are on the loose, lol! That phone call will have to go in the "record book"...amazing! It is really something what people can come up with these days. I read Shari's comment above and I have to agree with her about having trouble with hair on dolls. I always fight the hair/beards, etc. Can you make a tutorial on how to do your adorable doll hair and beards? I know you need one more thing to do right now! Love your Valentine Doll and I will have to have the pattern! Keep designing your wonderful items! Love you! Donna,

  7. There are all kinds! Definitely a phone call you will NEVER forget! lol

    Happy New Year!


  8. Love your doll........what a STRANGE takes all kinds!

  9. When I used to decorate cakes, I got a request for that type of cake. I still don't understand what those people were thinkin.
    Anywho... Love your Valentine Annie.
    Christmas is over now onto the next holiday, LOL

  10. Ohhhh myyyyy Sandy that has got to be a call for the record books lol. I work at an outlet store. We sell bread,snack cakes,chips to name a few things. We get calls all the time wanting to know if we make cakes. We don't bake there. It all comes from our bakery in Fort Wayne and they dont do cakes. Anyway we get a call from a man from Texas and he wants to know if we do cakes....we say nooooo and he says well do you know anyone who does ? Well since we get this question all the time we keep a number handy to a bakery in town. So we give him the number and he says well do you think they will make a cake shaped like a mans private area ? Well he used THE word ! We were speechless for a few secs. and we just hung up the phone...He had the number for the bakery so it puzzled us that he woould ask if WE thought they would ??? Oh well I guess the world is full of different people lol.
    Love your new doll ! She is just prim perfection. Wishing you and yours a wonderful,blessed and joyous New Year !Looking forward to all your creations in the new year to come.....
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  11. Soo when can we look for that ODD request for the new pattern to be released?? Heee! No matter what I am sure you will do a good job on it! LOL!!!

  12. People never cease to amaze me! Good or bad! LOL Another wonderful pattern, just love her. You truly ARE special!

  13. I cannot imagine getting a call like that!!! Someone would have had to pick the phone up from the floor along with my jaw! Sheesh! Your Valentine Annie is adorable! (which doesn't surprise me) Happy New Year!

  14. You know....before I found your blog and only knew the "You are Special" patterns I would google "You are Special".....well, it would never let me go any farther because it would say that it did not allow me to open that that means something else out there is crazy!

  15. Too funny! What a phone call and to think they were serious! Thanks for the laugh! Your Annie is adorable! Happy New Year!

  16. I love that new doll, I can't wait to get it so I can make one!!