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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Memories

With Christmas right around the corner, I can't help thinking about my parents, last year we had both with us. Who knew that  just 4 months later my mom would leave us. I look back in the pictures I have of her, I can tell how much she was in pain and didn't feel well in most of the time. I think when you see someone everyday, you get used to the way they look and don't notice things like that.  You could tell just by looking in her eyes, she was ill. She always put on a brave front for everyone.  Everyone said she had the sweetest smile, it is just so sad to know that I won't see her smile again in this life time.  Then  when she died, my dad didn't want to go on without her, it was so obvious, he lost his reason for living, he had taken care of her for so long. He left us on Sept. 2nd, and now both are at peace. It seems so strange not to have them with us. 
I remember growing up, my dad worked 2 jobs to make sure we had everything we wanted and needed.  Every Christmas, they would ask for a list of things we wanted.  We usually got everything on the list.  My sister and I used to laugh about the way they wrapped things, it was wrapped exactly the way it was shaped, so all we had to do was remember what was on the list and we knew what "Santa" had brought us.

 As my daughter gets ready to move into their house, it is with mixed feelings. I know they would be happy to know that she will be there and so close to us.  But it seems so strange to walk into that house and know they won't be there, mom in her bed by the window and daddy sitting in his chair.
So Merry Christmas Mom and Dad, I love you and miss you.


  1. Thank you for sharing that ... and your mom does have a beautiful smile. Know that they are at peace, and pain free together. Blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my Mom on New Years Day almost 8 years ago and I still miss her every day.

  3. I lost my mom this year too. I feel your sadness. Your parents look like a couple in love. Christmas blessings to you and your family.


  4. What a beautiful photo of your Mom & Dad. Such wonderful smiles and a genuine display of love. I am sure they are beaming with pride right now of the courage, strength and love their daughters provided to them then and now.

  5. I have tears in my eyes...everytime I hear "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas by Bing Crosby" I get teary eyed, this was my dad's favorite Christmas song and he used to sing it and whistle like Bing:) Mom has been gone 8 years now and I do so miss them both at Christmas time.

  6. I think we all remember our parents during the holidays, they are the ones who made it so special for us, from the start. I lost my dad and my mom died a year later. I think some people just belong together, whether in this life or the next.


  7. I lost my mom December 1st, and my father has been gone almost 13 yrs now, so I do know how you feel, I pray that you are filled with peace and love this Christmas. God bless~Hugs~

  8. Oh, Sandy! Your post made me all teary! It sure is hard to lose both parents in the same year and though it may feel like something is missing this Christmas, they will still be with you in spirit. I have a neat Christmas poem I wanted to share with you- I'll email it to you cuz its too long to post here. Keep your chin up, girlie! :0)


  9. Hey Sandy, I know how you feel, I lost my mom in March. The sad thing we weren't close until the last two years. I had alot of child issues with sexual abuse from my stepfather and I had tried to talk to her but she knew what was going on. But the last two years with her in a nursing home and only me to take care of her, we made peace and I realized I loved her more than anything and she loved me,
    I'm so glad gave me that time to be with her and realize the forgiveness that God can give to us so that we may be able to forgive the ones who hurt us. God is always there for us.
    I also wanted to say 12 years ago I lost my son and that was the hardest ever. He was 30 and I still feel that pain and when its Christmas it still hurts because he just loved this time of the year. He had the most wonderful laugh. Its not easy but with the grace of our Lord and Savior we can get through anything. Merry Christmas

  10. Sandy,
    Your family is in my prayers. That was a wonderful Picture of your parents. I'm sure they would both be so happy that your daughter is near you in their home. I live in my grandmother's home to be near my parents. I think God guided me back to Jacksonville, to be near my family to help them. I've been taking care of my dad since his wife left him. (not my mom) He had a stroke and so he needs some help. Take care love your blogs. Hope we get to meet again before next fall at the shows.
    Jacksonville, FL