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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sock Monkeys and Jar lights

Well, my jar candlelights came and I got some of these made this weekend. I put an old label on half of them and the other half I am just adding a prim tag with bow. I filled some of them with pinto beans and black beans, the others I used rosehips, cinnamon sticks, pumpkin pods and some orange peel. I have some bigger canning jars I am going to get done this week, with more labels. I think I like the labels better than the plain ones. I am going to add Sweet Annie to the jars right before the show.

here is a closeup of some of the jar lamps.

My friend Becky from Orlando was visiting, her husband works at Disney World, so guess what, we get free tickets. She came over and wanted to make a sock monkey for her little grandson's first birthday. I made one at the same time. It was a race to the finish, to see who could finish first. No contest, my little monkey was done and sitting beside her on the couch waiting while she stitched up her monkey and stuffed him. We had lots of fun just talking and catching up, we hadn't really seen each other since last October. She made me the neatest little quilted coasters, and brought me some stuffing forks for a belated birthday present.

Becky is working on a Florida Gator quilt for my daughter, but while she is getting it made, she made my daughter a pillow case from Gator fabric. We joked and said all we need to do is cut a neck hole and couple of arm holes and she has a new dress to wear. Samantha loved it of course. Becky does the best quilts and makes handmades for the all the gifts she gives out for birthdays, Christmas and anything else that comes along. She has quite a list going on.


  1. I love the jar lamps-both ways!!

  2. Those lamps are great, and I am also a huge fan of sock monkeys. I really enjoy seeing all your beautiful crafts. Thanks again for sharing your creativity with the rest of us.

  3. The lamps are wonderful. Will they be for sale on your website? Love your blog!

  4. You're an amazing designer with a fantastic work ethic. It's really fun to see all of
    the darling things you do. Great job and thank
    you for sharing.

  5. Your lamps are sooooooo cute!

  6. Love those lamps!!!! I really like the ones with the label, so neat!