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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Playing with dolls and unfinished Santas

Today was one of those days, didn't get half what I wanted to get done. I did manage to get into my shed and rearrange slightly, so at least I have a walkway in there and room to fit a few more crates of finished crafts. My daughter was home today, for a change, wasn't out on a date or working. My husband worked the night shift , so it was just me and her for a change. She put on a movie she downloaded off the computer and we just sat together, watched the movie and she stitched some more pillows for me while I finished a scarecrow for a customer.
I also, got out some of Christmas Santa's and dolls while I was rearranging and wanted to share some the ones I have collected through the past few years. My favorite by far are the Alta santas, hard to find around here. But one shop does have them around Christmas, the quality has gone down in the workmanship since I bought the first one. But I really like their faces. So if any one knows where to I can get some of the older ones, please let me know.

This next set of dolls, I purchased from other crafters on ebay. I love my snowman dolls. I think they were made from a Sweet Meadows farm pattern, I want to tackle one of those patterns with the eyes painted on like that. But not sure I can do a good job on the painting.The Annie dolls is one I purchased from Primitives in the Attic on ebay. I really got a good price on that one.

Next is my pile of unfinished Santas, they are still being dressed. I did almost get one completed. But have to spray him down tomorrow with coffee stain and get him primmed up. Hope to have all of them completed tomorrow. This is my Simple Santa Pattern #283 from You are Special patterns.

The free pattern I am offering tonight is the little mouse in stocking ornaments. I sold so many of these last year at the shows. I handstitch mine together, but they can be done on a sewing machine. To me they are just easier to handstitch, I can take them with and stitch them in the car. Quick and easy to do and a proven bestseller. I have put the pattern in the sharebox. Remeber there will be 3 parts to it, picture, instructions and pattern pieces.


  1. I don't know how you get so much done ~ you are so fast. I love all of your Santas.
    Thanks for the freebie.

  2. I wish I could work as fast as you. You do alot of work. I can't wait to get my patterns. Maybe having you to watch it will inspire me more. Great beautiful work. Thanks for the free patterns. I wish you would come to Virginia and do a show. lol. Have a beautiful and fruitful day.
    Pat vinson

  3. Hi Sandy, I love your work !!!! I could not see the box of the last 2 freebie patterns. Do you have any idea why? Thank you so much !!!

  4. Thanks for another free pattern. I love it.


  5. Glad you were able to enjoy some quiet time with your daughter, enjoying creating together!
    Thank you Sandy for the sweet mousie pattern. Perfect wee package toppers for my Christmas gifts!!

  6. I have been without a computer for a few days- and likely a few days more- I am amazed at what you have gotten finished! Everything looks great!!

  7. I love your blog, so full of wonderful crafts and show pics, and widgets and the best of all "Freebies" Love them...thank you so much, good luck with your upcoming shows. And, you CAN paint eyes just like the ones on sweet meadows farm patterns, they are so easy, .if I can help ya in any way, just hollar....have a fun day...hugs Cyndi