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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Made some new dolls today

Check out the previous posting to see who won this week. I will be having another giveaway soon. I managed to get some sewing done today. Got 3 dolls made, these are big dolls, they are made from a pattern from my friend Carmen at These prairie dolls are big, they measure about 48" tall. You can make them into a vacuum cleaner cover or just add a hanger on back for hanging on the wall. I used some feedsack images, I purchased from Ewe n' me printables. Love the way they turned out.

Here's an update on my Dad, he has been transferred to a Rehab/nursing home for 6 weeks. He has to be on an IV that was placed in his arm and runs up to his heart, kind of like a permanent IV. He developed Merca while he was in hospital, so they have him on some strong antibiotics. But it so sad, he is so depressed knowing that it will be 6 weeks, till he can come home. He said it was a very depressing place. He doesn't know it, but his doctor in town is trying to get him transferred to Starke, our home town. If he gets transferred, it will be so much easier, no hour drive there and hour back. We will be able to come and get him for outings and he will be able to leave and come home a little each day. The nursing home is only about 10 minutes away if he gets transferred, so keeping my fingers crossed. We are not saying anything to him, don't want to get his hopes up yet.


  1. Oh wow, Those dolls are just wonderful!! They are BIG! :)
    I hope the doc is able to transfer your dad so he's a bit closer....I'll say a prayer for that and for your dad.

    Have a beautiful day.

  2. So sorry to hear about your dad...what a difficult time for all of you. Love the praire dolls too. Dianntha

  3. Your dolls are wonderful! This is such a trying time for you. It's good you're making things and keeping on with your creative side. Sometimes that helps heal our hearts. Will be offering a prayer for you and your dad - that both of you have healing and peace.....Kady

  4. Love the way they turned out! Thanks for the plug..hey, going to bring you some ever sooo cute kittens to go with the new puppy Wednesday.. Ok?? LOL!!!!! Carmen!

  5. those dolls are somethin else!! WOW!!! they came out GREAT!!!
    I really hope you get good news and your dad will be able to get moved closer... I know those trips are no fun cuz of the long ride....

  6. Wow - what awesome prim dolls!!! I love them all.