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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Giveaway Basket this week

I am having another giveaway this week, so please leave me a comment. You must be a member of my blog to enter. This week's giveaway includes: 3 room sprays,(Gingerbread, Clove and fireball cinnamon spray) assortment of tarts, 2 bars of prim soap and a little prim doll. I will pick a winner Saturday night. I will place all the names in a basket and have my husband draw one.

Well, my dad seems to be doing better, he is still in the hospital, but hopefully be coming out soon, they are talking about him going to rehab. I guess to get his strength back up. I have been taking care of his little poodle. I have to say, he is a little terror. My dog gets along with anything, but this little dog chases my cats back out the cat door as soon they try to come in. I have hardly seen my gray cat for the last 2 weeks. My black cat (Crybaby) seems to tolerate him, but the dogs get into it everynight, usually over a little piece of food, the poodle is guarding. He won't eat it, just wants to sit there and growl whenever anybody comes by.


We were at the hospital last night visiting my dad, and my daughter send us both a text message with a picture of a little puppy. She has been begging for another dog for awhile now, and we said no. But of course, her boyfriend just happens to bring home a little puppy for herand says it is for her birthday. I think they had it planned, but she says no, with a big smile on her face. So I guess, we will have a new member of the family shortly. Just what we need is another animal, living in town. This dog looks like it is going to be a big one, she said around 40 pounds, when it is full grown. She had been wanting a pit bull puppy of all things, and we said no way in town, so I guess, we should be thankful it is a mutt.
We are having a new air conditioner put in the house tomorrow, so I am going to try to stay in my sewing room tomorrow and get caught up on sewing. I am hoping to get some of my pumpkins made this weekend. I had been working on Santa's, but now it is time to get some scarecrows and pumpkins made for the fall shows.
My friend Becky from Orlando, Fl. just sent me this, I wanted to share this with you all:

God Saw you hungry & created Subway, Chocolate, and Crab Legs.
He saw you thirsty & created Coke, Juice, & Coffee
GOD saw you in the dark & created Light.
GOD saw you without a Good looking , adorable,Friend ........ So He created ME


  1. Such a sweet little face, but such a terror!! I can relate. My Dad is also having heart problems, he is 81, so I can relate.
    Please enter me in your give away.

  2. So sorry to hear of your fathers health. May he get better soon. I have gone back to some of your past post. I love your prairie doll dresses, you make very cute stuff. I love all the dolls. Please enter my in your great giveaway! I'll love to win!

  3. I just discovered your wonderful blog! I love the raggedys on the springs. I have three sets of bedsprings here just rusting away that I didn't have a clue on what to do with. Now if I only could sew like you! :)

    Sorry to hear about your dad. Hopefully he will be home soon. My dad just told me that he has to go into the hospital for testing next week. Praying its not serious.

    Please enter me in your giveaway. Everything looks wonderful!


  4. oh I'd LOVE to enter to win! glad to hear your dad is doing better...I'm sure his puppy is missing him terribly and that's why he's in the "mood" he seems to be in....hopefully they'll be reunited soon! :-)
    -Sandy the lil thing your friend sent was cute :-)

  5. I am lovin' your goodies and your blog...please enter me!
    I am a follower! Beth

  6. Glad to hear that your dad is doing better. We had a cockapoo named Buddy he was a protector dog...well, he thought so.
    I'd love to have my name in the drawing.

  7. Love your giveaway! Such wonderful of course I have to enter..:)Happy to hear that you dad is doing better!

  8. That's good news about your dad. Dogs are so loyal to us.

    Please enter me in you give away. I'd love some of the yummy items!


  9. Glad your dad is doing better. That dog is sooo cute, what a face. Please enter me in your giveaway ~ I love all your items, but that doll is adorable. Have a wonderful day.

  10. What is it with poodles? A lot of them seem to have their moody it just part of the breed or something? I hope your Dad feels better and can get home soon so Buddy can be happy again :)

    Oh, my! It sounds like it was planned to me, too! LOL I hope the new dog doesn't get too big and that your daughter takes care of it. Ain't it funny how that goes?

    I really need some good smelling stuff for the house....I haven't bought anything in awhile. And this time of year..when it gets too hot to open the windows, I really hate how the house starts to feel all cooped up so I'm constantly trying to make it smell yummy!

    Have a great day :)


  11. hello! Another awesome giveaway!! Glad to hear that your dad is getting better. I love the saying about God from your friend, that is really cute!

  12. Hi Sandy! Good luck on your daughter's new dog...sounds like you have a "zoo" at your house! Oh my...just what you need! Please enter my name in the drawing. Thank you Jesus... that your Dad is doing better. Take Care of Yourself! Donna

  13. Sandy~

    I am so glad to hear that your Dad is doing better. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers!!

    I would love if you entered me into your giveaway drawing!!

    Hugs!! Carrie

  14. what a wonderful giveaway you're having! I especially love that little doll.

  15. What a wonderful goodies. Please, enter my name in your giveaway. I want it, pick my name.... I'm a follower.

  16. Please enter me in your great giveaway! I ordered a couple of room sprays from you a few weeks ago and I love them so I would love to get more!!:0)
    I pray your father gets better quickly and he can come home soon! have a blessed day!~wendy

  17. Hey Sandy.. your new addition to the zoo is adorable. If I was you I think I would be locking myself in my sewing room for days..LOL.. just come out for food late at night when the zoo is quiet.. hahaha.
    BTW, love your new Santa pattern. It's good to hear your dad is doing better too.
    Please add me to your list for your drawing! As soon as I figure out what to make I will be doing a giveaway on my blog too.. they are so fun! Take Care!

  18. aaawww that pup is too cute!!!!!

    I would love to win the giveaway. I am happy to pay for postage because I live in the UK. xxxRobby

  19. I glad to hear your dad is improving. I'd love to win your doll. Please enter me in your drawing. Have a great day!

  20. Hey Sandy, just found your blog and hope to follow yours. Glad to hear your Dad is doing better. I have a disabled Hubby, so I know how it is. I also used to live in Florida for a while. Love your giveaway, would love to win it. Have a good weekend. Sherie